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Package Burner Systems

  • Highly Versatile
  • Patented Technology
  • Automatic Burner Control

BKE Package Burner Systems are designed to be a completely “Plug & Burn” solution for a wide variety of heating and combustion needs. Each burner ships as a complete and finished system that includes:

  • Bare Burner
  • Air blower with damper
  • Burner control system
  • Shut-off solenoid valves
  • Gas pressure regulator
  • Gas filter
  • Gas pressure switch
  • Air pressure switch
  • Flame detector
  • Ignition rod
  • Air damper
  • Gas valves & fittings

We supply package burner systems ranging in capacity from 50kW to 1,500kW are can be adapted to a wide range of uses including incinerators, boilers, drying systems, industrial ovens & furnaces.

Safety and reliability are of critical importance to us here at BKE. All of our burner systems are engineered to the highest European safety standards and are very easy to maintain. We are very proud of our safety record. Since we started building industrial burners over ten years ago, we have never experienced a burner explosion or major accident. Because of our obsession with building safe and redundant systems, we expect our clean safety record to carry on long into the future.

Technical Specifications
Fuel:     Oil, Gas, or Biogas
Co-Fuel:     Oil or gaseous fuel (Option)
Burner Control:     European standard EN 298
Flame Arrester:     End-of-line stainless steel flame
    arrestor before biogas nozzle(s)
Ignition System:     14,000V European standard ignition transformer
     w/optional LPG igniter
Gas Train:     Stainless steel gas train with automatic
     valve proving system (VPS)
Gas Supply Pressure:     50-200 mbar
Air Damper:     Pneumatic air damper
Turn-Down Ratio:     1/5 as standard, option can be 1/20