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1,200 Nm3/hr Enclosed Biogas Flare (BFE-1200)

The BFE-1200 is similar to the BFE-1000 but with a 17% increase in flaring capacity. Like the smaller BFE-1000, and slightly larger BFE-1500, the complete flaring system includes:

  • Automatic Control System
  • Flame Detector
  • Water Separator
  • Flame Arrester

At 90% methane destruction efficiency, The BFE-1200 enclosed biogas flare systems will allow you to claim the maximum allowance with the current CDM carbon credit framework, ensuring not only that you are being environmental responsible, but that your biogas system will pay for itself in a short period of time and then become a profit-center all on its own.

Technical Specifications
Capacity:     1,200 Nm3/Hour
Type:     Automatic Enclosed Biogas Flare
Fuel:     Biogas (55-70% Methane)
Shut-Off Device:     Stainless steel solenoid valve
Flame-Arrester Type:     End of line flame arrester
    European Standard Design (EN 12874)
Materials:     Stainless steel biogas piping
    Stainless steel fire tube w/Refractory lining
    Carbon steel structure w/sand-blasted, marine-grade coating
    Stainless steel enclosure w/fiber insulation supported by expansion     steel
Flame Detector:     Flame Ionization Detector
Thermocouple:     Type N
Ignition System:     14,000 Volt European Standard Ignition
Water Drain Valve:     Automatic float drain valve