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About Us

"Our mission is to provide Innovative Applications of Clean, Efficient and Cost-Effective Automatic Heating Control Systems for a wide variety of Industrial, Commercial and Residential Requirements."

BKE Combustion Controls entered the field of combustion technology officially after a monetary crisis derailed most of S.E. Asia’s economies in the late 1990’s, when long established ceramic factories were forced to cease operation.

BKE’s beginnings were pioneered by sole owner Boonkoom Boonyasopath in the late 90’s while working within the Lampang Ceramic Industry as an engineer. It was here that he became aware of the necessity for greater control, design, and safety factors for ceramic kilns being utilized at that time. Many ceramic factory owners understood the importance, efficiency and advantages of these new BKE designs and quickly implemented them into their operations. BKE’s designs equipped the new kilns with its automatic, forced draught, high velocity burners as key technologies for the modern industry.

Through the generous assistance and support from Thailand’s organizations and agencies such as King Mongut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTMB), Thai Research Fund (TRF), Petroleum Authority of Thailand (Por-Tor-Tor or PTT), National Innovation Agency (NIA), BKE innovations are in operation today throughout the world.

BKE Combustion Controls Co., Ltd., maintains our factory and offices in Lampang as well as support staff operating domestically and abroad. Our engineering staff are considered BKE’s most valuable company asset who work as a team to produce the highest quality products in the industry, protecting our environment and our children’s future.

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