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3,700 Nm3/hr Enclosed Biogas Flare (BFE-3700)

  • Enormous Flaring Capacity
  • Safe & Reliable
  • CDM Compliant

With a monstrous flaring capacity of 3,700m3/hr, and at a height of 20 meters, the BKE BFE-3700 enclosed biogas flare is quite a sight to behold. Designed to the highest industrial standards of safety and engineering, the BFE-3700 will ensure maximum carbon credit payback, while at the same time providing your site with a clean and safe work environment.

Technical Specifications
Capacity:     3,700 Nm3/Hour
Type:     Automatic Enclosed Biogas Flare
Fuel:     Biogas (55-70% Methane)
Shut-Off Device:     Stainless steel solenoid valve
Flame-Arrester Type:     End of line flame arrester
    European Standard Design (EN 12874)
Materials:     Stainless steel biogas piping
    Stainless steel fire tube w/Refractory lining
    Carbon steel structure w/sand-blasted, marine-grade coating
    Stainless steel enclosure w/fiber insulation supported by expansion     steel
Flame Detector:     Flame Ionization Detector
Thermocouple:     Type N
Ignition System:     14,000 Volt European Standard Ignition
Water Drain Valve:     Automatic float drain valve