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Biogas Blower

  • Cost Effective
  • Safe & Reliable
  • Stainless Steel Construction

BKE Biogas Blowers are designed for biogas delivery systems where corrosion and leakage prevention are additional factors aside from efficiency and operational safety.

The stainless steel casing and impeller allow for continued operation within the harsh conditions of high hydrogen sulfide content contained naturally in biogas.

The shaft and hub are made from high carbon steel and then heat treated for surface hardening which prevents any possible corrosion and also maintains the strength of the material.

The automatic-greasing rubber seals between the shaft and blower case allow for more than two years of operation without wear.

The blowers can achieve 250 mBar of pressure by using a multi stage arrangement with more than 5/1 turn down ratio by an inverter control which allows them to operate in a wider range and more flexible conditions.

The automatic closed loop pressure control with PID function allows the blowers to generate smooth pressure with less overshoot and fewer pressure fluctuations.

Technical Specifications
Blower Type:     Centrifugal Blower
Motor:     1HP-40HP 50 Hz, 380 Volt, 3 Phase, (IP 55)
Rotational Speed:     2,850 RPM (Maximum)
Materials:     Stainless Steel Fan & Casing
     Carbon Steel Support
     Hardened Carbon Steel Shaft & Hub
     Rubber Seal with Automatic Greasing for Shaft & Housing
Max Operating
    120 mbar/set at 2,000 Nm3/h
Options:     Additional Inverter and/or BKE Control Unit