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  • High Thermal Efficiency
  • Patented Technology
  • High Safety Standard

BKE Biogas Burner Systems are designed for specific biogas qualities since there are differences in terms of methane, hydrogen sulfide and moisture content.

It is not only the biogas quality, but their applications are also seriously considered. Be they boilers, water heaters, dryers or ovens, they each need to be designed differently in order to achieve optimum combustion and thermal efficiency. Hydrogen sulfide is a common content in every biogas source. Thus, we have a pressing need to be certain that all components that make direct contact with the biogas will not be deteriorated by the acid from the hydrogen sulfide.

Stainless steel piping, gastrain, regulator, flame arrester and safety shut-off valves are BKE standard designs for biogas burners. That is why our biogas involved units have been operating in heavy duty industry for many years with minimum component change-out. Safety is our greatest concern. All European standard design criteria is rigorously complied with, but the biogases are more aggressive than what are mentioned in the standard. Therefore, more safety features must be added into the formula. For instance, the automatic valve proving system or VPS is a common component for any size of our biogas burners.

Our long history and many references of BKE biogas burners are what you can be sure we provide, bringing you the highest safety standards and best benefits from your biogas supply.

Technical Specifications
Fuel:     Biogas (55% minimum methane)
Co-Fuel:     Oil or gaseous fuel (Option)
Burner Control:     European standard EN 298
Flame Arrester:     End-of-line stainless steel flame arrestor before biogas nozzle(s)
Ignition System:     14,000V European standard ignition transformer
w/optional LPG igniter
Gas Train:     Stainless steel gas train with automatic valve proving system (VPS)
Biogas Supply
    50-200 mbar
Air Damper:     Pneumatic air damper
Turn-Down Ratio:     1/5 as standard, option can be 1/20