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Any facility producing large amounts of organic waste is a candidate for biogas production. A standard biogas production system begins with large anaerobic digesting tanks/ponds where the organic waste is converted into biogas. BKE Biogas Systems take over at this stage and are designed to efficiently and safely handle and process the biogas for various uses at the production site.

Such as:

  • Boiler
  • Drying
  • Heat Processing
  • Electricity Production
  • Commercial Kitchen Use
  • Flaring Excess Biogas
  • Biogas Pressure Regulator

Onsite biogas production is not only good for the environment; it’s just plain smart business. Not only are you producing free fuel for use at your facility, Installation of a clean biogas system qualifies your company for CDM carbon credits. With a fast ROI (a properly designed system can pay for itself within a 2-year period.), your company can not only save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, but you can also make money while doing so.

Key Parameters that are taken into consideration when BKE Biogas Systems are designed to fit our client’s applications include:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Content
  • Moisture Content
  • Methane Content
  • Flame Speed
  • Flame Shape (Long or Flat)
  • Direct or Indirect Firing
  • Chamber Temperature
  • Chamber Pressure
  • Biogas Pressure
  • Possible Corrosion Where Flue Gasses Make Contact
  • High Thermal Efficiency
  • Less Pollution
  • Alternative Fuels for Co-Firing or Dual Firing
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • High Safety Standards

The history and many references of BKE ensure the highest safety standards and unequaled benefits from your biogas supply and your biogas system.

Such as:

Biogas Blowers
Biogas Blowers