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Production of quality ceramic wares and moulds requires very strict conditions during the drying and firing cycles to ensure that there is no damage such as cracks or breakage. BKE has a deep connection with the ceramic industry and we have applied our knowledge of combustion and environmental controls to engineer some of the finest and most reliable ceramic processing technology in use today.

We design and produce kilns of all sizes, from small hobby kilns to large industrial shuttle kilns with multi-zone firing capability and precision thermal distribution. All BKE kilns are engineered to the highest standards of quality and safety and can be custom designed for specific or unique requirements.

We also produce ceramic drying systems with the purpose of creating a closed environment where the temperature and relative humidity are maintained at a very specific range to allow for slow drying of the wares and moulds prior to firing.

If you are in need of a kiln or dryer for your own ceramic processing needs, BKE can engineer a system of any size or configuration to fit your requirements.

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