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BKE gas supply & safety systems, also known as ‘gas trains’ are a critical component engineered into all of our burner systems. The key purpose of the gas train is to safely deliver the combustible fuel to the burner at a desired flow rate, while continually checking (and re-checking) the system to ensure constant and reliable flow and pressure.

BKE biogas trains contain a combination of safety and delivery components including:

  • Flame arresters
  • Safety shut-off valves
  • Pressure control valves
  • Weep nozzles & solenoid valves
  • Vent solenoid valves
  • Gas filters
  • Pressure switches

Biogas is high in acidic hydrogen sulfide gas, has a relatively low heating value, and has a moisture content that makes it more complicated to work with than many other gases. Our gas trains are uniquely designed for this harsh & aggressive environment to ensure that our burner systems operate at peak efficiency.

Biogas Gastrains >>
BKE Biogas Train

LPG/Biogas Hybrid Gastrains >>
BKE LPG-Biogas Hybrid Gastrain

Overhead-Line Vertical Natural Gastrains >>
BKE Overhead Natural Gastrain