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Industrial Burners

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BKE Metal Treatment Furnaces are designed to utilize either burners or electricity with temperatures reaching up to 1,400°C and are used in a wide range of treatment applications.

Such as:

  • High Velocity Burners
  • Biogas Burners
  • Biogas Flare Systems
  • Automatic Package Burners
  • Radiant Tube Burners
  • Forced Draught Oil Burners
  • Decorative Burners

Our burners have a wide range of uses and cross over many different industries including: Biogas Production, Ceramics, Food Processing, Agriculture, Breweries & Distilleries, Hotels, Spas, Hospitals, & Biotechnology.

Contact us today at if you are in need of a combustion solution of any size or application. Our jobs range from standard installations to purely customized systems that are designed specifically for your project.