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Ceramic Kilns

BKE forced draught ceramic kilns are available in any size and configuration that a customer may desire; from a small hobby kiln to large custom-engineered industrial units for factories.

All BKE kilns come equipped with our high-velocity burners using a pulse-firing system for energy efficiency and optimum heat distribution. By using pulsing-firing, we are able to achieve better combustion results, superior thermal distribution, higher efficiency, and reduced fuel consumption. These factors make our forced-draught kilns a much better choice to conventional modulating-firing kilns.

Our digital temperature control system with PID function; combined with our vast experience in combustion technology means that internal temperature deviation during firing is less than 2 degrees centigrade from the set-temperature. In larger configurations, we can allow for multi-zone firing for extra flexibility.

BKE also designs fast firing kilns that makes the cool-to-cool cycle time shorter, in order to increase production capacity. While fast-firing is not always optimal for ceramics, some production lines need this type of speed, and our fast-firing systems can safely and reliably provide up to four cycles per day during 24-hour/day operation.

All BKE ceramic kiln systems are engineered to the highest safety standards on the market. Our burners exceed European safety standards in all areas. Integrated safety components include:

  • Burner Control
  • Safety Shut-Off Solenoid Valve
  • Ignition Transformer & Pressure Switch

Ease of maintenance is always a major consideration incorporated into the design of every BKE product. All parts are carefully selected and tested for ease of access and serviceability to ensure that our client’s staff can handle the kilns and their systems. BKE shuttle ceramic kilns have been on the market and in operation for more than 10 years, maintaining a high production yield, low gas consumption and requiring very little maintenance cost for our customers.