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The BKE plume abatement system is a revolutionary approach to reducing visible cooling tower emissions for power plants. Our system can efficiently and reliably reduce the cooling tower plume at a low cost to the customer, while also being easy to operate and following the strictest safety standards. It can be incorporated into new construction or adapted to any existing cooling tower design in use today.

Our patent-pending plume abatement technology can be of tremendous benefit to all power plants, but especially to those located in heavily populated or urban areas where the sight of a large plume going hundreds of meters up into the sky can be a cause of concern for the surrounding community.

We at BKE continuously strive to design and engineer the finest and most reliable combustion technology in the world, and the success of our plume abatement system is a direct result of that. We believe this system to be the most elegant, energy efficient, and safest plume reduction solution available in the world today and are very proud of this achievement.